The 34th Annual Hunger Games!

Welcome Everyone to The 34th Annual Hunger Games!Apply now to participate!There will be creative challenges and one winner will come out on top with a special prize! We are also in desperate need of male tributes! Even if you are a girl, please sign up as a male character! It doesn’t matter to us! In fact we prefer it now because there are only 2 spots left for girls! (we will accept a couple more girls after that for All Female District Tributes, but we do need at least 6 more males)

If you have any questions please Message my Co-Head-Gamemaker, or I !:)

Apply, and May The Odds Be EVER In Your Favor!! 

The Current Tributes are listed below!

District 1: 

Female: Vanessa/HungerGames138

District 2: 

Female: AmandaKatniss-Raised-Her-Bow



Female:Prim Hawlark/HungerGamesIsMyPassion

District 4: 

Female: Neece Shrawk/ WickedTributes,

District 5:

Female: Carina/ pene1ope

District 7:

Female: Natasha/ Katniss-Becomes-The-Mockingjay,

District 8: 

Female: Tagan/TagornTheDragon

District 10:

Female: Cassia Glaber/Theatre-Chick-A-Dee

District 11:

Female: Caroline/TheRealStarCrossedLoversClato

District 12: 

Female: Jai/ thatspazwithglasses 

Male:Cole Greyfawne/ district12-katnisseverdeen